Patient Transport Software provides a total solution to patient transport service providers who offer various patient transport services.

PTS provides a web-based application that includes job booking, quotation, Proof of Patient Drop off (POD), tracking and management reports.

PTS comes with no setup costs and no regular continual software maintenance or upgrade costs. Customers can use PTS on a monthly payment basis.

The service embraces the latest satellite navigation and mobile technology to provide greater visibility of patients and ambulances in real-time.

PTS provides a complete solution for office and field based operations. PTS Office can be accessed on a PC (no software downloads required) with a web browser with internet connection. While the PTS mobile can be deployed on PDA with a wireless Internet connection.

PTS application is based on the concept of ‘cloud computing’, Software as a Service (SaaS); a cost effective solution that delivers an explicit service at a fraction of the cost compared to an in-house system. The cloud computing technology coupled with the secure software application provides 24 hours access to your operational data from any part of the globe with an Internet connection.

PTS guarantees that your data is backed up to eliminate any ambiguity and also ensures your data is secure, as security is crucial to any successful business operation.

PTS application is integrated to vTrackSoft system so that you can track your ambulances in real-time, from any PC with an internet facility.

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+PTS Office

+ PTS Mobile

+ vTrackSoft

PTS Office provides your business with a total solution from job logging through to completion of patient drop off and invoicing. Also includes features such as map based visibility of patients and ambulances in real-time. PTS also provides a customer web portal feature for your customers to book a job and track the job status and history.

PTS Office enables you to log job details against predefined customer information. Once a job is logged, PTS allocates the job to the best-fit ambulance. Job details are then communicated to the driver via PDA (smart phone) or phone. At the point of drop off a signature is captured, POD is generated and emailed to the customer. Finally the completed jobs are invoiced by the system and emailed to the customer. Also the invoice details can be uploaded to account applications through PTS.

PTS Office comes with a built-in feature for patient transport service providers who are now looking to open additional branches to expand its established business as part of the next growth phase.

Key Features:

Job Booking:

  • Populates Customer address, pricing tariff, service type automatically
  • Holds Quotation & Job History against customer
  • Customer specific, customisable tariffs and pricing
  • Retains Customer details and tariffs
  • Automated Postcode address search
  • Integrated to maps for route calculation
  • Job booking and tracking facility, through your customer web portable

Job Scheduling:

  • Automated generation of pre-planned jobs.
  • Manual & Automated Job Allocation
  • Job status in real time
  • Manage job with the driver, via PDA or phone
  • Automated Job status alerts

Invoice Management:

  • Automated Invoice forwarding to Customer
  • Online secure payment facility
  • Generates Driver Invoice and payments
  • Uploading of Invoicing details to Accounts application

Resource Management:

  • Holds Ambulance statutory details
  • Maintains staff statutory details

Management Reports:

  • Job status in real time
  • Ambulance route activity
  • Email alerts for e.g. POD confirmation
  • Gross margin report in real time
  • Sales comparison over 13 months/weeks
  • Customer trading report

Supporting Products:

  • vTrackSoft for Ambulance Tracking

Key Benefits

  • A total web based solution, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere
  • Solution includes Server Hosting, PAF and Technical Support
  • Operations and administration cost saving upto 40%
  • Automated email invoices and proof of patient drop off, to customer
  • Generate a paperless working environment
  • Easily adaptable and customisable to your business needs
  • Manage and operate number of branches with PTS

PTS Mobile is a pioneering PDA based solution to help you manage your ambulance driver activities.

It embraces satellite navigation and mobile technology to give you visibility of ambulance driver activities in real time through PTS Office. The PDA uses a wireless Internet connection but can work offline.

Job details are communicated from PTS Office via cloud technology to PTS Mobile (PDA). Once logged on, pickups and drop offs information can be viewed in the live jobs folder and signatures on pickup and drop off can be captured. Additional instructions and phone numbers can be added to the job details.

The PDA communicates at predefined intervals and updates PTS Office at the end of every activity.

Key Features

  • The application is form based, which can be operated in an online and offline mode
  • Live Jobs and Archived Jobs can be viewed
  • Job priorities can be viewed and rearranged
  • Secured user access
  • Remote management of the PDA
  • Navigation facility available
  • Real-time updates and response to changing events

Key Benefits

  • Customer signature captured on drop off
  • Faster response times towards pickups and drop offs
  • Drivers are well informed on job details
  • Improved accuracy of field data in real time
  • Real-time updating of data shared across enterprise
  • Reduces administrative costs associated with time-consuming paperwork and phone calls

Using VTrackSoft vehicle tracking system you can track your ambulances in real-time, from any PC with an internet facility. VTrackSoft uses GPS satellites to locate your ambulances, and the location data will be transferred to our servers using mobile technology.

vTrackSoft is fully integrated to PTS application as a single system rather than having multiple applications to manage the patient transport operation.

We will install the hardware in your ambulances with our qualified technicians as part of the total service. [Read more]